Routine Cleaning and Examination

Routine Cleanings and Examinations


Routine cleanings and examinations are an important part of your oral hygiene routine. Maintaining biannual visits with Divine Dental of Santa Fe allows for thorough cleaning of your teeth – even below the gum line – while providing our dentists with an opportunity to check for signs of common oral health and beauty issues. Prompt detection of these issues enables treatment before serious problems arise, making routine visits essential for optimal oral health.

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Maintaining Peak Oral Health

Brushing after every meal and snack and flossing twice a day acts as your primary defense against gum disease and tooth decay. However, even the most rigorous at-home routine can fall short, allowing plaque to harden into tartar and bacteria to eat away at tooth enamel. Tartar – hardened plaque that holds acids fast to the surface of teeth – can be nearly impossible to remove at home and, unless removed, can cause serious oral health concerns.

Your biannual visits to Divine Dental of Santa Fe include a professional cleaning where tartar is removed from all surfaces of the teeth. Removal at tartar helps prevent disease, infection, and decay, and can help keep your natural teeth in place for a lifetime.

In addition to cleanings, your routine visits give our dentists an opportunity to check your overall oral health including signs of bruxism (teeth grinding), TMJ, and other potentially damaging and painful conditions. When these issues are detected early on, treatment can be used to guard against serious damage. Left undetected, many small oral health issues can result in discomfort, tooth loss, and a host of systemic problems.

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